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Estimated Useful Lives of Depreciable Lodging Assets

Walter O’Connell, M.Ec., ASA, an Economist, Appraiser, and Cost Segregation Professional, has created an Estimated Useful Lives Guide for Depreciable Lodging Assets. This guide is designed to simplify the complex Lodging Industry and includes movable and fixed assets such as aircraft, watercraft, buildings, structures, exterior improvements, motorized vehicles, lawn care, communications, agriculture, and furniture fixtures & equipment. The guide offers a range of over 5,000 assets, estimating their remaining useful lives, including what the author calls the “Lodging Dilemma.” This dilemma addresses the fact that better quality assets may have shorter useful lives than lesser quality assets. This guide is a useful tool for accountants, CPAs, CFOs, Controllers, Appraisers, Tax, and other Professionals, providing assistance in fixed asset record development, purchase price allocation, property valuations, cost segregation studies, yearly depreciation values, repair regulation compliance, and straight-line depreciation.